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TheOGT.TV Review - Spider Multifunction Bluetooth Speaker & Spider PowerForce-Black Headphones

Rob and Jon do a product evaluation on Spider Internationals Latest Hot Products Giving the Both Four out of Five Rating. Link to there web site



Semi-Noob Review - Star wars: the old republic MMO 

After playing star wars the old republic MMO for three or four days, here is my semi-noob review the positives of the game so far out way the negative. The game play is similar if not exactly like the knights of the old republic RPG that came out an Odd number of years ago. One unique feature is the mass effect style voice acting in the game not really a big surprise considering the same company made both games but still very cool considering, every character and NPC is fully voiced. That being said I wish I could turn off my companions’ very limited dialog after accidently clicking on her multiple times during combat she quickly starts getting on your nerves.

Like I mention above during the course of the game you get your very own henchmen, unlike other games he or she doesn't leave you (if she does I haven't had that happen yet) or like some are only there for a short amount of time. Like the old republic RPG you have to equip your character and your companions so keeping his or her armor and weapons up to date like yours is a good thing, unless you want them getting you killed or being completely useless during combat.

The quests in the game are A typical of the genre go fetch these parts or go kill this person, not really a big surprise. Like many of its peers, you can select, deselect or even abandon quest you don't want to do. One thing that I don't like about the quest information box is how little information they seem to give you maybe I’m just being picky but to find out where you have to go exactly is by going out of the quest box and go to your map.

One part of the game that I haven't seen yet, is the fact that you can buy or get and upgrade space ships and do missions. I'm personally hoping that theses mission are optional unlike one of its peers star trek online. I'm not a big fan of having to fly spaceships it probably has to do with the fact that I have been playing console games the last couple of years so flying a ship without a controller isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Over all I really enjoy the game, that being said I have heard that the game does have an ending to the story so what remains to be seen is when you reach the end of the story and the level cap of 50 what happens after that. Are they going to release more content like world of warcraft or slowly release new content when a certain number of people reach the level cap. I'm personally hoping for both that they have major new upgrades like world of warcraft and randomly release new plants to explore that extend the story.
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