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TheOGT.TV Episode 19 - Tech

Headlines, PayPal destroys violin, Facebook malware and SOPA "stop online Piracy Act".
Rob and Jon Discuss are 3D TVs Dead and is Kodak going out of business

TheOGT.TV Episode 18 - Tech

Rob Jon and James discuss a 99 and 96 year old Italian couple getting divorcee.
Man dies from eat cocaine from brother and robs picks for best apps for 2011.

TheOGT.TV Episode 17 - Random

Rob, Jon and James Discuss: cocaine Nazis, lady finds lost seal pup on her
couch, SOPA is still on the march, lady makes meth in Wal-Mart and the
top 45 mug shots of 2011.

TheOGT.TV Episode 16 - Tech 

Rob and Jon discuss are apology to, NTSB want so ban
using a cell phone in a car, FAA allows pilots to use iPads and 
say no to SOPA

TheOGT.TV Episode 15 - Random

Rob, Jon and James Discuses, a man caught stealing during shop with a cop,
MPAA saying that censorship is a good thing, is trustworthy, former
Colorado sheriff getting caught exchanging meth for sex
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