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About Rob

Even when I was very young, I was aware of what was happening with our government. It is very important to me as a voter and a US citizen that I continue that awareness.

Twenty-seven amendments have been ratified since the original signing of the Constitution, the first ten of which are known collectively as the Bill of Rights.

The First, Second, and fourth amendments are what I consider the most important. But, by no means does that make the other twenty-four amendments any less important.

Many people stuff their political views and opinions into a singular lock box. From Republican, to Democrat, to any of the other parties that we have in the United States. We all have a tendency to stay within our comfort zone. I am continuously learning to be able to open my mind to all views and opinions as well as the ins and outs of government politics and our constitution.

 I consider myself a constitutionalist. I am financially conservative, but socially liberal. I believe in freedom of speech, religion, press and the right to bare arms without hesitation.

I believe that a woman should have the right to do what they wish with their bodies without government interference. The government does not tell men that they can’t have a vasectomy. I don’t think that government should tell a woman that she can’t have an abortion.

 I believe in gay rights as long as their opinions don’t conflict with my limited government view.  I don’t so much believe that homosexuals should call their union a marriage since I personally believe a marriage is between a man and a woman. But I still believe that their union should have all the rights that a marriage between and man and woman has. In reflection as to why I feel this way has to do mostly with my age. I grew up in a time where marriage was only between a man & woman and some things are hard to change.

Another conundrum is my view on unions. I grew up in a union family. Had it not been for the union, I don’t think my parents would have lived the “American Dream” of owning a home and living a middle- class blue-collar life style.  However, in present day I currently see roadblocks that unions are putting up to protect their “turf” without consideration for America as a whole. Unions were very important but, I’m not so sure that’s true today. Unions are not without merit but, would we be able to put more people to work without them? Yes and no, so maybe another day we’ll have this discussion.

I have been working with computers since the 1970’s using punch-cards to program them. I have been using technology in my personal and professional life for over 50 years. I don’t consider myself anything other than a normal guy with some experience using different technologies. I like to teach and help my friends and family how to operate electronics and take advantage of the most current technologies in their daily lives.

It seems to me that we have all kinds of technology “how-to” and pundits that offer great advice to those who already have a pretty good idea or expertise with a given technology and electronics. But what about that rest of us?

So this got me thinking about how best to provide some advice to us old guys and gals (please don’t take offence to the term “old” it just means to me that I have some life experience) without talking so far over our heads that it just seems like gibberish. 

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