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About Madtrio Podcast

The Guys from Reel Flix Reviews are back this time its no holds barred be prepared to laugh, cry, and leave angry comments because the Madtrio are here


MadTrio Podcast - Episode 029 - Audio Edition

The trio of happiness discuss matrix and Jet Li, which spawned matrix discussion, movies and actors/actress that explain the film, films that made you like an actor, switched to t.v., movies,


MadTrio Podcast - Episode 028 - Audio Edition

The morticious one returns to join the trio....was he missed only time will tell as they discuss common sense and what it is as an application to daily life and tangents of our society or lack there of. Honorable mention of London Fatberg


MadTrio Podcast - Episode 027 - Audio Edition

The glorious one and the ohhh so not as glorious ones discuss biggest fentanyl bust in U.S. history, drug lords, mafia, comics, cartoons, along with multiple tangents in between.


MadTrio Podcast - Episode 026 - Audio Edition

The avenging teletubbies return to make you cry with joy over topics of reddit groups, the unexpected solidarity of internet, rule 34, the spiraling effects of behavior outbursts, anime genres, signing trademark names, copyright holders, talking shit about James, and Betty White nudes wtf!


MadTrio Podcast - Episode 025

So two of the most beautiful people in existence and one of suspicious existence joins them to discuss trademark lawsuit against Rockstar games, along with shamylalidipshit, our condolences to Steve Buscemi, along with upcoming Ghostbusters film, dishwasher being awarded millions for working sundays, Trump and Pelosi having tantrums, upcoming new wrestling program, and older wresting programs and teams.