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About Madtrio Podcast

The Guys from Reel Flix Reviews are back this time its no holds barred be prepared to laugh, cry, and leave angry comments because the Madtrio are here


MadTrio Podcast - Episode 041 - Audio Edition

Be thankful the trio have not forgotten to bring you happiness while we collaborate on topics including China harvesting organs from prisons, death row inmates pay per view death matches, celebrity death match, inmate social media, shitty movies, the true definition of a shitty assignment, homelessness, government funding and how backwards spending it is.


MadTrio Podcast - Episode 040 

Two of the trio are joined by Bri to discuss dolphins getting high on blow fish, 75 years of D-Day, Twilight movies, actresses, horror films,  films that annoy, good actors, cartoons, garbage of the internet, and individual tangents.


MadTrio Podcast - Episode 039


he trio is back to entertain you possibly maybe eventually with topics of kids learning about guns, gun phobia, new Star Trek show, and hum in the ocean explained.




MadTrio Podcast - Episode 038

The partial trio are joined by guest host Bri to discuss torture porn slasher films, Jon disturbed by random exhibitionist, how people become drugged "special needs", consequences of being in trouble, analyzing commercials, body development, females being sexualized over their musical abilities, celebrities returning from the edge, and social media issues.


MadTrio - Podcast - Episode 037 - Audio Edition