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About Madtrio Podcast

The Guys from Reel Flix Reviews are back this time its no holds barred be prepared to laugh, cry, and leave angry comments because the Madtrio are here


MadTrio Podcast - Episode 018

The most wonderful trio of your life respond to a critique of an episode, toxic masculinity, Michelle obama is a dude, religious crusades/forgiveness, ingrained morality, internet influence on these issues, and issues of the generations being introduced into the internet.




MadTrio - Episode 017


Here to destroy your safe space the trio read a response to a previous discussion, stereotyping, incl's, rules of the internet, movie lies, changing view on actors, Rambo and Sylvester Stallone.


MadTrio Podcast - Episode 016

The comedic duo and another schmutz discuss Ben Shapiro burning Schreiber on Twitter, Jewish temples, museums, Bleach live action, anime, movies, and story telling.


MadTrio Podcast - Episode 015

the mad trio talk about ugly celebrities like bill Cosby and the surrounding conversation



MadTrio Podcast - Episode 014

The generous trio allow you bask on their glory while they discuss crabs, weddings, reptiles, Trump, politics, guns, and pedos in the catholic church