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About Reel Flix Reviews

It’s like a book club for people who hate reading. Join three satirical friends Jon, James and Ryan every week to listen to their opinions and irreverent reviews about movies from the silent film era to this year’s newest releases.

Reel Flix Reviews Rating system

 1/5 = Horrible absolutely nothing of value

2/5 = Little or no redeeming factors

3/5 = Ok, accomplished all that it set out to do but did not enjoy it a lot

4/5 = Accomplished all that it set out to do and enjoyed it

5/5 = Enjoyed it completely and it exceeded any expectations we may have had


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Reel Flix Reviews Episode 59 - Man of Steel (2013)

This Week Jon, James, Ryan and Jeff Discuss: Man of Steel (2013) Directed by: Zack Snyder              Next week's movie is: The Tuskegee Airmen (1995) Directed by: Robert Markowitz

The Rating For Man of Steel (2013) is: 
Jon 3/5, James 3/5  Ryan 3/5 and Jeff 2/5 Reel Flix Reviews Score 3/5